2019/20 OSC List of Events

Bournemouth Open Bowls Tournament 2020 - Click here to find out more! 

A list of confirmed and TBC OSC events for the 2019/20 season, entries will be taken online from the start of the 2019/20 season (Cash payments will still be accepted, however you will only be accepted into the event when you have set up an account, clicked the paid cash option and your payment has been confirmed by the tournament organiser) 

To request Sunday only spaces, contact the tournament organiser immediately. 

Click here to download the information guide on how to enter events from the 2019/20 season

By clicking on the events below you will be taken to the individual tournament details page where you will find all the information you need to enter once the event has opened their entries. Please do not enter/ join the reserve list until the event states it is open for entries as your entry will not count.

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September 2019

Cynon Valley Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th September 2019 - The Champion is Stephen Harris

Stamford Sunday 29th September 2019 - The Champion is Andy Ware

October 2019

Lincoln Saturday 5th October 2019 - The Champion is Andy Ware

Cambridge Chesterton - Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th October 2019 - The Champion is Shaun Jones

Newark Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th October 2019 - The Champion is Jack Bird

Essex County Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October 2019 - The Champion is Tom Bishop

November 2019

Dorchester Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd November 2019 - The Champion is Martin Puckett

Tye Green Sunday 17th November 2019 - Draw online

OSC Grand Final Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th November 2019 

Westlecot Saturday 30th November & Sunday 1st December 2019 - Draw online

December 2019

Durham Sunday 1st December 2019 - Now open for entires 

Barwell Saturday 21st December 2019  - Draw online

Egham Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd December 2019 - Full & taking reserves

Dolphin Singles Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th December 2019 - Draw online

Dolphin Double 3s Sunday 29th December 2019 - Full & taking reserves 

Spalding Sunday 29th December 2019 - Draw online

January 2020

Welford on Avon Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th January 2020 - Draw online

Melton Open Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th January 2020 - Draw online

Leicester Sunday 26th January 2020 - Full & taking reserves

February 2020

Atherley Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd February 2020 - Full & taking reserves

The Bowls is Bowls Worksop Saturday 8th Sunday 9th February 2020 - Now open for entries

Loddon Vale Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th February 2020 - Opening 15th November 

West Berks Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th February 2020 - Opening 18th November 2019

Clarrie Dunbar Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd February 2020  - Opening 25th November 2019

March 2020

Five Rivers Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th March 2020 - Opening 2nd December 2019

Five Rivers 5 (Pairs) Sunday 8th March 2020 - Opening 2nd December 2019

North Wilts Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th March 2020 - Opening 9th December 2019

Bristol Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd March 2020 - Opening 16th December 2019

April 2020

Wellingborough Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th April - Opening 6th January 2020

Hartlepool Friday 10th April 2020 - Opening 10th January 2020

Torquay Friday 10th & Saturday 11th April 2020 - Opening 10th January 2020

Ipswich Friday 10th & Saturday 11th April 2020 - Opening 13th January 2020

Desborough Sunday 12th & Monday 13th April 2020 - Opening 20th January 2020

Desborough Double 3s Monday 13th April 2020 - Opening 20th January 2020

Palmerston Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th April 2020 - Opening 24th January 2020

Palmerston Double 3s Sunday 19th April 2020 - Opening 24th January 2020

Wey Valley Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th April 2020 - Opening 27th January 2020

Open Singles Circuit

The Open Singles Circuit welcomes everyone with an interest in this fascinating sport and opens its doors to people of all ages, abilities and agilities. Entering OSC events is quick and simple, with no membership required.

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