Charles Bruder Wins the Loddon Vale Open!

Congratulations to Charles Bruder, Loddon Vale Open Champion! Commiserations to Chris Moore. A great tournament for both these players helping them on their way to a top 32 finish. 

15:00 Quarter Final Open Draw

Martin Shepherd V Cory Davies          8-6 9-3
Tom Warner V Charles Bruder 6-7 6-6
Chris Moore V Ian Jenkins 6-2 6-4
Barry Jenkins V Michael Knight 9-4 7-3

16:30 Semi Final Open Draw

Martin Shepherd V Chris Moore 5-7 6-4 0-2
Barry Jenkins V Charles Bruder 4-7 4-4

18:00 Final

Chris Moore V Charles Bruder 1-7, 4-6

Open Singles Circuit

The Open Singles Circuit welcomes everyone with an interest in this fascinating sport and opens its doors to people of all ages, abilities and agilities. Entering OSC events is quick and simple, with no membership required.

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