Chris Moore Wins the Leicester Open

Congratulations to Chris Moore on winning the Leicester Open, commiserations to Shaun Jones, a massive thanks to Dean, Mick and Jean at Leicester, they did a great job today, the tournament was bang on time and a brilliant day for all involved. Thanks from the OSC.

16:30 Quarter Final Open Draw

Michael Knight         V Neil Smith            6-9, 7-5, 1-2
Ben Bywater V Shaun Jones 6-6, 4-5
Tom Millership V Chris Moore 5-10, 4-8
Calvin Rawson V Paul Johnson 5-6, 8-8

18:00 Semi Final  

Neil Smith                  V Shaun Jones 1-9, 8-1, 0-2
Paul Johnson V Chris Moore 1-13, 5-6

19:30 Final

Shaun Jones V Chris Moore 4-6-4-5

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