Martin Puckett wins the 2019 Westlecot Open!!

A massive congratulations to Dorchester's Martin Puckett, Westlecot Open Champion 2019, his second OSC title of the 2019/20 season! Commiserations to Scott Edwards. A fantastic final played in great spirit, well done to both players!

A big thank you to everyone involved in the live streaming this weekend, we hope everyone at home enjoyed the games that were streamed!

15:00 Quarter Final

Andy Moore V Martin Puckett 6-6, 2-7
Scott Edwards V Trevor Roberts  7-2, 7-7
Martin Shepherd V Les Gillett 5-7, 6-10
Norman Coad V Mark Royal 4-10, 8-3, 0-2

 16:30 Semi Final 

Scott Edwards V Mark Royal 8-2, 5-5
Les Gillett V Martin Puckett 2-8, 5-3, 1-2

18:00 Final 

Scott Edwards V Martin Puckett 3-9, 5-4, 0-2

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