Bristol Double 3s Sunday 22nd March 2020

Schedule will be published on Saturday 21st March 2020 

Tony Parsons & Imogen Cracknell v Adam Knights & John Crouch 

Barry Williams & Dai Prosser  v Philip Davies & Cory Davies 

Shaun Jones & ANO v Jamie MacDonogh & ANO 

Carl Mounty & ANO v Michael Kopp & Jay Head

Brian Lees & ANO v Carl Wood & Kristian Crocker 

Paul Sharman & ANO v Alex Jacobs & ANO 

Philip Villis & ANO v Clive Vaughan & Khalila Hussian 

Alex Davies & Philip Davies Snr v Peter Stahl & ANO 

Paul Brown & Alan Brown v Arran Bee & Kevin Birch 

Gary Payne & Pater Stinchcombe v Gary Fountain & ANO 

Andrew Litchfield & ANO v Tom Warner & Mike Titcombe

Barrie Forse & ANO v Lucy Smith & ANO 

Norman Coad & Neil Smith v  

Will Brundle & ANO V

David Leighfield & Martin Shepherd v Geoff Moore & Andy Moore 

Nik Elphick & ANO v Paul Bryant & ANO 

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