Bristol Double 3s

Event status: Full & taking reserves

Event Description:

Draw now online

£15 per pair, 1 person to enter for both players. Contact Mike Humphries with your partner's name. 

Start Date: 22/03/2020

End Date: 22/03/2020

Event Location: 198 S Liberty Ln, Ashton Vale, Bristol BS3 2TY

Entry Fee: £15.00

Prize Money: £300 Winner, £180 Runner Up

Contact Details Mike Humphries
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No entries available

  1. David Leighfield
  2. Geoff Moore
  3. Paul Brown
  4. Adam Knights
  5. Shaun Jones
  6. Arran Bee
  7. Andrew Litchfield
  8. Tony Parsons
  9. Lucy Smith
  10. Carl Wood
  11. Paul Bryant
  12. Barry Williams
  13. Nik Elphick
  14. Tom Warner
  15. Barrie Forse
  16. Gary Payne
  17. Jack Breen
  18. Paul Sharman
  19. Norman Coad
  20. Gary Fountain
  22. Jacob Angove
  23. Peter Stahl
  24. Alex Davies
  25. Cory Davies
  26. Alex Jacobs
  27. Michael Kopp
  28. Jamie Macdonogh
  29. Will Brundle
  30. Clive Vaughan
  31. Carl Mounty
  32. Brian Lees

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