Lincoln Open

Event status: Draw only

Event Description:

Lincoln Draw 

Due to technical difficulties on the current Lincoln Open event page we have created this new one for the remaining entries. 

By entering an OSC event you are agreeing to 

  • The publishing of your name/ nickname on the OSC website 
  • Images and live streaming (if applicable) on the website and social media 
  • To mark the next session if you lose
Start Date: 05/10/2019

End Date: 05/10/2019

Event Location: Hall Dr, Lincoln, LN6 7SW

Entry Fee: £23.50

Prize Money: £1000 Winner, £400 Runner Up, £200 Semi Finalists, £100 Quarter Finalists

Contact Details Danny Brown
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No entries available

  1. Kevin Rands
  2. Mark Eurich
  3. Nathan Richards
  4. Paul Roberts
  5. Leigh James
  6. John Nott
  7. Russell Robinson
  8. John Walker
  9. Andrew Lowe
  10. Robert Elmore
  11. Rhys Vaughan
  12. Colin Stevenson
  13. Martin Heitzman
  14. Adam Fletcher
  15. Ben Bywater
  16. Jordan Moody
  17. Chris Brereton
  18. Mark Burdett
  19. Lewis Fiveash Parnell
  20. Janet Crabb
  21. Janice Gower
  22. Kevin Moore
  23. Brenda Barlow
  24. Les Gillett
  25. Tony Barwell
  26. Mark Dawes
  27. Jack Bird
  28. Paul Bostock
  29. Tom Newman
  30. Neil Parnell
  31. Ben Harris
  32. Andy Ware
  33. Wayne Willgress
  34. Alan Watts
  35. Rebecca Willgress
  37. Sean Sloan

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