Grand Final Availability 2019

  Name Availability
1 Graham Smith Available
2 Pat Briscoe Available
3 Scott Edwards Available
4 Steve Tuohy Available
5 Danny Denison Not Available
6 Ian Jenkins Available
7 Phil Gregory Available
8 Neil Smith Available
9 Sean Gingell Available
10 Paul Maynard Available
11 Martin Heitzman Available
12 Martin Shepherd Available
13 Ryan Atkins Not Available
14 Graham Shadwell Available
15 Gary Smith Available
16 Shaun Jones Available
17 Wayne Snook Available
18 Jamie Walker Available
19 Darren Nutman Available
20 Wayne Willgress Available
21 David Bolt Not Available
22 Mike Titcombe Available
23 James Rippey Available
24 Gary Clarke Available
25 Barry Jenkins Available
26 Tom Smith Available
27 Andy Knapper Available
28 Stuart Irwin Available
29 Chris Moore Available
30 Michael Knight Available
31 Stephen Harris Available
32 Adam White Available
33 Phil Last Available
34 Ben Paulley Available
35 Jordan Philpott Available



Open Singles Circuit

The Open Singles Circuit welcomes everyone with an interest in this fascinating sport and opens its doors to people of all ages, abilities and agilities. Entering OSC events is quick and simple, with no membership required.

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