Melton Draw Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th January 2020

Saturday 18th January 2020 - 14:30 First Round 

Ahmend Macky (Welford on Avon) V Jacqueline Henderson (Erewash) G1
Neil Smith (Westlecot) V Bradley Prowle (Riverain) G2
Tony Webb (Riverain) V Stewart Douglas (Bainfield) G3
Paul Oke (Sleaford) V Tom Newman (North Wilts) G4
Sherod Winterton (Charnwood) V Jim Pullen (Lincoln) G5
Scott Edwards (Oxford C&C) V Andy Moore (North Wilts) G6
Martin Timms (Welford on Avon) V Tony Barwell (Stamford) G7
Paul Roberts (Sleaford) V Calvin Rawson (South Forest) G8

16:00 First Round

Ben Harris (Welford on Avon) V Geoff Moore (North Wilts) G9
Lewis Fiveash Parnell (Melton) V Mike Rogacs (Turpins) G10
Keith Holloway (Banbury) V Mark Burdett (Welford on Avon) G11
Andrew Francis (Welford on Avon) V Andy McIntyre (Westlecot) G12
Mark Sykes (Banbury) V AJ Docherty (Banbury) G13
Lee Rowland (Avon Valley) V Brian Lees (Welford on Avon) G14
Tony Parsons (St Andrews) V Jeff Pitt (Peterborough) G15
Peter Bryan (Bromsgrove) V Leigh James (St Neots) G16

17:30 Second Round

G7 V G8 G17
G5 V G6 G18
G3 V G4 G19
G1 V G2 G20
G15 V G16 G21
G13 V G14 G22
G11 V G12 G23
G9 V G10 G24

19:00 Third Round Open Draw (4 Winners through to Quarter Final on Sunday)


Sunday 19th January 2020 - 08:30 First Round

Simon Peruzza (Welford on Avon) V Martin Shepherd (Chipping Norton) G29
Paul Johnson (Scunthorpe) V Sam Peruzza (Welford on Avon) G30
Jeremy Russell (Grantham) V Danny Denison (Torquay) G31
Graham Smith (Spalding) V Mark Atkins (Malvern Hills) G32
Connor Cinato (Kingsthorpe) V Norman Coad (Newquay) G33
Colin Cleary (Skegness) V Chris Rodgers (Melton) G34
Kevin Moore (Turpins) V Andy Ware (City of Ely) G35
Jamie Claydon (Riverain) V Martin Heitzman (Welford on Avon) G36

10:00 First Round

Kevin Rands (Lincoln) V David Leighfield (Chipping Norton) G37
Tom Bishop (Crystal Palace) V John Walker (York) G38
Kirsty Richards (Bromsgrove) V Glenn Williams (Riverain) G39
Steve Knight (Mid Glos) V William Parker (Chipping Norton) G40
Richard Clark (Bodmin) V Bryan Coad (Torquay) G41
Nathan Richards (Scarborough) V Shaun Jones (Malvern Hills) G42
Paul Sharman (Carterton) V Tom Smith (Herga) G43
Greg Allam (Erewash) V Gary Payne (Cotswold) G44

11:30 Second Round 

G35 V G36 G45
G33 V G34 G46
G31 V G32 G47
G29 V G30 G48
G43 V G44 G49
G41 V G42 G50
G39 V G40 G51
G37 V G38 G52

13:00 Third Round Open Draw


15:00 Quarter Final 


16:30 Semi Final 


18:00 Final 



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