Ranking List Explained

2019/20 Full Ranking List 

The following points are awarded for OSC tournaments

Losing the Prelim - 4 points

Losing the First Round - 6 points

Losing the Second Round - 8 points

Losing Last 16 - 17 points

Quarter Finalists - 36 points

Semi Finalists - 55 points

Runner Up - 75 points

Winner - 100 points


If players are tied on points

First we look at number of events played, if still tied then we look at best result, if still tied after that we look at set difference in all matches.


(Points are not awarded in the OSC Bowlr Masters & OSC Grand Final)

Open Singles Circuit

The Open Singles Circuit welcomes everyone with an interest in this fascinating sport and opens its doors to people of all ages, abilities and agilities. Entering OSC events is quick and simple, with no membership required.

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