Spalding Open Draw Sunday 29th December 2019

Saturday 28th December 2019 - 18:00 First Round 

Nigel Eagle V Mark Eurich S1
Karen Martin V Kevin Ekins S2
Paul Roberts V Christine Ford S7
Calvin Leuty V Brian Martin S4
Chloe Brett V Jeff Pitt S5
Jeremy Russell V Alan Watts S6

19:30 First Round

Nick Brett V Tony Barwell S3
Paul Oke V Rhys Hill S8
Stephen Harris V Jason Lewis S9
Jim Pullen  V Graham Smith S10
Jordan Philpott V Danni Wild S11
Roger Ward  V Ruby Hill S12

Sunday 29th December 2019 - 08:00 First Round

Sherod Winterton V Colin Cleary S13
Richard Summers V Stuart Holland S14
Andy Ware V Oliver Sloan S15
Colin Stevenson V Paul Johnson S16
Wayne Willgress V Phil Last S17
Sean Sloan V Dan Mills S18

09:20 First Round

Ollie Jeapes V Mark Dawes S19
Ray Cutting V Tony Parsons S20
Tom Newman V Rob Greenwood S21
Katherine Rednall V Jack Bird S22
Kevin Moore V Howard Shipp S23
Ian Brewster  V Connor Cinato  S24

10:40 First Round

Michael Jeapes V Stewart Douglas S25
Rebecca Willgress V Glenn Williams S26
Ed Elmore V Ellie Last S27
Nathan Richards V Jacqueline Henderson S28
Kevin Rands V Jim Wiseman S29
Dominic McVittie V Ben Bywater  S30

12:00 Second Round

S20 V S16 S31
S4 V S19 S32
S13 V S24 S33
S6 V S14 S34
S18 V S22 S35
S17 V S9 S36

13:30 Second Round

S29 V S15 S37
S25 V S11 S38
S10 V S28 S39
S26 V S7 S40
S27 V S2 S41
S21 V S23 S42

15:00 Second Round & Last 16

S34 V S38  
S3 V Keith Wall S44
S8 V S30 S45
S1 V Nathan Richardson S46
S12 V S5 S47
S33 V S32  

16:30 Last 16

S39 V S40  
S47 V S31  
S46 V S35  
S42 V S44  
S45 V S46  
S41 V S37  

18:00 Quarter Final Open Draw


19:30 Semi Final Open Draw


21:00 Final


Open Singles Circuit

The Open Singles Circuit welcomes everyone with an interest in this fascinating sport and opens its doors to people of all ages, abilities and agilities. Entering OSC events is quick and simple, with no membership required.

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